The Meaning of Alteration from Smoking to Vaping

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The Meaning of Alteration from Smoking to Vaping

Сообщение cacuqecig » 12 ноя 2016, 12:28 #1

The Meaning of Alteration from Smoking to Vaping


According to the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association, approximately 4 million Americans now use battery powered cigarettes — also known as electronic cigarettes or “e cigs.” While some may start using e cigs (also called vaping) because of the many flavors and varieties available, many use these devices as an alternative to smoking. Because cigarettes can be incredibly addictive, many smokers eventually begin to weigh the pros and cons of vaping vs smoking.
And it’s not just a last ditch effort — this method has been proven effective by current research on the subject. One study found that people who vaped using e cigarettes or vaporizers were 60% more likely to succeed in quitting than those who used nicotine gum or patches. Another study, from Belgium, found that 44% of participants were able to reduce their tobacco consumption or eliminate it altogether after eight months of e cigarette use.
Check out this breakdown of vaping vs smoking to find out what you’re getting when you make the switch:


Choices:Smokers are often bound by the type of cigarettes they want, and although they have many different brands to choose from, there are few differences. Tobacco and menthol (with tobacco) tend to be the only flavors available. There are differences in nicotine strength, but all cigarettes contain this addictive substance .....READ MORE

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