Special Discount In Limited Time : $39.99 LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod !

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Special Discount In Limited Time : $39.99 LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod !

Сообщение Efuntop » 21 фев 2017, 13:39 #1

LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod features an exquisite blood red anodized finish wrapped in a resilient rubberized black grip for a look that is both durable and one-of-a-kind.

Just $39.99 from Feb 21th to Feb 25th
It will back to $99.99 after Feb 25th.

Material: Superior-Grade 6061-Aluminum Alloy
Device Color: Limited Edition Blood Red Anodized Coating
Threading: 510 with Spring-loaded Center Pin
Grip Color: Stealth Black
Grip Material: Rubber-coated Polypropylene Plastic Shell
Power Output: 1 Watt – 200 Watts
Voltage Output: 0.5 Volts – 9.0 Volts
Current Output (Continuous): 50 Amps
Current Output (Instantaneous Peak): 55 Amps Chipset: EVOLV’s DNA 200
Chip Software: EScribe (requires Windows computer to access)
Temperature Limit: 200°F – 600°F (93°C - 315°C)
Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.15mm x 94.87mm
Battery: Removable Fullymax Lithium Polymer 900mAh 3 Cell
Официальный представитель магазина электронных сигарет eFun.Top

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