Yocan Explore

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Yocan Explore

Сообщение Yocan » 03 ноя 2017, 09:30 #1

Hello everyone,
Do you ever used the Yocan Explore? Today i'm here to introduce you this unique vaporizer kit,and tell you how to use it.


Yocan Explore is a compact 2 in 1 vaporizer kit for Dry herb and wax,it's an all new device in vaporizer market.Yocan never ends pursue of providing users with unique experience by trying something new.

Yocan Explore with good look and hand feel,2 classical colors available: Silver and Black.The mouthpiece with stip pin for dry herbs sit inside the heating chamber,battery built in.The LCD Display Screen,power button,and 2 temperature adjust buttons built on the side of the base. Yocan explore is super compact and portable.

Ceramic Chamber
The Yocan Explore comes a ceramic chamber,many people may like this feature very much. :) The heating chamber is 100% ceramic,provides the baking experience with no combustion,100% true vaporization.Iit can be used with both Dry herb and wax.


The Explore also comes 2 mouthpieces, one is mouthpiece with stir pin,another one is Concentrated coil & mouthpiece,you can change mouthpiece easily,that enabling users meet different vaping needs.
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and you can find it on Yocan Online Shop: http://www.yocanonline.com/product/yocan-explore/

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