How to use Yocan Magneto ?

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How to use Yocan Magneto ?

Сообщение Yocan » 12 окт 2017, 10:24 #1

Yocan Magneto is the game changer in wax vaping. This all-in-one device includes everything you need to take your wax or concentrate with you. The Magnetic Coil Cap built with Dab Tool,built-in silicone jar,everything is packed into this compact modern device.The Magneto is the perfect on the go device for wax vaping at an incredible value.

Today i'm going to talk about how to use the Yocan Magneto.

How to charge the Magneto?

When the red light flashes 10 times,then it’s time to charge it.Use the micro usb cable to charge it,the red light will disappear when the Yocan Magneto is full charged. Please do not over charge the battery.The Yocan Magneto comes with 1100mah battery,which can last long time.


How to load your Yocan Magneto?
For Yocan Magneto,it’s very simple to load it,just pull out the magnetic atomizer tube,and magnetic coil cape,use the bottom of the magnetic coil cap as a dab tool to grab your wax,and put the coil cap back on,that’s done!


How to get it to work?
Just like the most wax pen,to turn on press the power button 5 times rapidly. Once it’s turned on just hold the power button to start vaping.To turn off, press the power button 5 times rapidly.


How to clean the atomizer?
Try to clean it each time you finished vaping. Since this can be influential to the vaping tastes if there is residue left a few days ago. Please Soaking the atomizer with warm water so that the concentrates will melt in the water. Then put it back to the device, restart the battery and get it to work until the atomizer dry out.

Yocan Magneto: Portable,Powerful,and easy to use. Check more details on Yocan >>>

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